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About Annuities

Turn your super or other savings into a guaranteed income when you retire! 

An annuity, also known as a lifetime or fixed-term pension, gives you a guaranteed income for a number of years. Or the rest of your life. An annuity is less flexible than an account-based pension, but you can be sure about your future income.

Many people worry that they will not have a big enough nest egg to see them through their retirement years. Annuities were developed to help alleviate these concerns. An annuity is essentially a contract with an insurer, where individuals agree to pay the company a certain amount of money, either in a lump sum or through instalments, which entitles them to receive a series of payments at some future date.

In general, guaranteed annuities aren’t affected by share market movements or interest rate fluctuations, so you can rely on a consistent source of income.

By diversifying your retirement income streams and including an annuity, not only are you less exposed to risk, but there may be tax and social security benefits of using a combination of guaranteed annuities, account based income streams and other income streams.

USA LIFE will help you through the variety of decisions involved in selecting an annuties plan. We work with all the top carriers to provide the greatest possible choice when weighing the costs and benefits.

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