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Construction Workers

Specialty Programs

"For business ventures requiring a more industry specialized form of coverage, USA LIFE offers several speciality insurance plans. We take great care to craft a solution that matches your needs."

Shawn Stout, CEO

Custom Insurance Solutions by Industry

Although many of our insurance products are very flexible and have the ability to be modified to meet the needs of the insured, there are times that we need to think “outside the box” to create unique and customized insurance programs to meet specific industry needs. 

Auto Groups

We provide tailored motor trades insurance policies for mechanics, smash repairers, panel beaters, tire retailers and a whole range of trades within the automotive industry. Comprehensive cover can include your business assets and customers’ vehicles, liabilities for faulty workmanship, and errors and omissions from services you provide. Talk to us today to discuss your options.

Health Care

We attend to your organizational health so you can focus on patients' health. The USA LIFE healthcare insurance and consulting team believes quality healthcare comes from strong support and sound counsel. Our principles are based on doing what’s right for our healthcare clients and creating innovative risk management solutions to meet your challenges. Talk to us today to discuss your options.


The USA LIFE Hospitality team offers a single source for insurance, risk financing and benefits solutions. In the wake of the ever-changing hospitality insurance market, we are consistently adapting and innovating to find solutions that maximize your funds. Our team is committed to finding the right risk management solutions for your specific challenges. Talk to us today to discuss your options.

Non Profits

Like you, we put our care into action. Our focus is on proactive solutions that provide insurance and comprehensive benefits that help our nonprofit clients protect their organizations, staff, volunteers, boards and reputation while maximizing their impact. Our specialized services are designed to help you fulfill your mission. Talk to us today to discuss your options.


We help the transportation industry face current and emerging risks. Our commitment to the transportation industry means we constantly anticipate industry changes and go beyond placing insurance coverage that best suits our clients’ needs. We develop products and services that shape the future needs of the transportation industry. Talk to us today to discuss your options.

Financial Institutions

Insurance for Financial Services Firms and Institutions presents unique risks requiring specialist skills from your insurance advisor. Each client is assessed individually and provided with suitable insurance coverage options at competitive rates through our access to the leading financial services focused insurance companies. Talk to us today to discuss your options.


Technology changes business. We bring stability to change. The USA LIFE insurance and risk management team gives you data-enabled strategies that protect your business so you can harness innovation. We service all tech sectors including electronic components, medical device companies, software platforms, internet marketing companies, IT supply chain and more. Talk to us today to discuss your options.


The USA LIFE team focuses on developing surety, insurance and risk management programs for contractors, sub-contractors and firms specializing in construction projects, both large and small. We are able to secure multiple lines of insurance that create comprehensive coverage to cover all aspects of your business ensuring the continuous running of your business. Talk to us today to discuss your options.


Whether you run a clothing boutique, antique shop, or gift store, we know you work hard each day. We also know the risks you face. That’s why we offer insurance coverages that can help keep you and your employees safe on-the-job. Our insurance solutions cover retailers, big and small, ensuring that your business is appropriately covered. Talk to us today to discuss your options.


A new industrial revolution is underway. Advances in technologies, globalisation and a changing business landscape is completely transforming factory floors and the way manufacturers do business. USA LIFE offers coverage for products as well as services to ensure the changing product mix for manufacturing is appropriately covered. Talk to us today to discuss your options.

Not sure what's right for you? 

Talk to one of our team members about the perfect fit for your needs.

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