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Employee Benefits

"Employee benefit consulting is a complex business and it takes focus to bring you accurate information and products in a timely manner."

James Mitchell, Senior VP

Take the complexity out of Employee Benefits

Employee benefits doesn't need to be difficult to understand.  Our agent will work to find the best plan that is customized to you needs. We have access to the best carriers to get you and your business's most important assets the insurance they deserve.

Your Options

Health Care

We offer offers a variety of health plan options for your employees, helping you and your employees pay for health care expenses.

Life Insurance

We offer the broadest range of group life insurance products, plus an unmatched suite of additional supplementary services.

Group Disability

Count on us to deliver the right solution and minimize administration for your organization.


Dental benefits are highly valued, so providing employee dental plans helps helps to attract and retain employees.


Employers who provide vision benefits show they care about workers’ well-being — playing a prominent role in employee retention.

Executive Benefits

Executives often receive additional or supplemental benefits and perquisites, We can tailor a plan to ensure optimum retention of your companies executives.

Retirement Services

Trust us with your employees’ retirement wellbeing.  Our expertise helps guide and manage the complexities of retirement programs.


Worksite Insurance is designed to offset health insurance deductibles, out of pocket medical expenses, and loss of income due to an accident or illness. 

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