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Worksite Insurance

Worksite Insurance Plans are designed to offset health insurance deductibles, out of pocket medical expenses, and loss of income due to an accident or illness. These products are commonly known as Supplemental or Ancillary products. Our team of construction experts work with you to create a risk management program that closes gaps and supports the continuous running of your business. 

Worksite Insurance Plans can be made available on a group or individual platform basis. They can be offered at no cost to the employer or with an employer contribution. Voluntary plans are paid for by the employee through payroll deduction and can receive pretax savings by utilizing a Section 125 Cafeteria Plan. Worksite Insurance Plans can be used to compliment, supplement, and/or enhance other benefit type plans offered by the employer.

We work with all sectors in the construction industry and with all levels of financing to help keep business moving. We evaluate your risk profile to create a comprehensive risk management program that closes gaps and safeguards you from loss. We also offer specialty insurance programs tailored to the construction industry.

USA LIFE will help you through the variety of decisions involved in selecting worksite insurance. We work with all the top carriers to provide the greatest possible choice when weighing the costs and benefits.

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