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Advanced Insurance Design

"Our principle service is providing high quality insurance advice. We identify what insurance coverage is required and where our client is likely to get ‘value for money’."

James Mitchell, Senior VP

Get exactly what you need 
Advanced Insurance Design

There is many ways we can put together a tailored design to meet the needs of every individual and corporate client. Here is just a few examples of the expert solution we provide. For a discussion on all our Advanced Insurance Design services, please contact us.

Cross-Purchase Agreements and Buy-Sell Agreements

 A cross-purchase agreement is a type of business continuation plan best suited for a business with few business owners.

Endorsement Split Dollar

An executive benefit intended to assist key executives to meet pre-retirement life insurance death benefit needs.

Premium Financing Using Life Insurance

Financing premiums can allow an individual or a business the ability to defer using a large portion of income or assets to fund the needed life insurance policy.

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