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Retirement Planning

Offering attractive retirement plans for a multigenerational workforce can be a game changer in a tight labor market. As a retirement plan sponsor, it’s your job to satisfy your fiduciary obligations and fully understand the liabilities that affect your organization. Trusting your employees’ retirement financial wellbeing takes actuarial consulting expertise to help guide and manage the complexities of retirement programs.

Our strategy for successful retirement plan management is based on five elements:

  • Plan governance - We help mitigate fiduciary risk by ensuring the plan’s committee is operating according to their fiduciary responsibilities through establishment of prudent processes, compliant practices and consistent standards

  • Consulting - Our experts assist with plan reviews, selection, monitoring, replacement and advice so that all plan participants achieve the best possible outcomes and are prepared for a financially satisfying retirement

  • Employer services - In a universe of providers, there is no easy “apples-to-apples” comparison of the services being offered in the marketplace. From vendor evaluation to selection, we help navigate the many services offered, match a vendor to your needs, and assist with every relationship stage, from fee negotiation to vendor issue resolution

  • Participant services - Participant services focuses on achieving retirement readiness. We help empower employees by identifying the right tools, education and resources to effectively address their spending, saving, debt and overall financial wellbeing

  • Plan design - Plan design evaluation is essential to aligning organizational objectives and optimizing employer spend. Understand the retirement readiness of your workforce and its impact on organizational health by continually evaluating, measuring and aligning your financial wellbeing strategy

USA LIFE will help you through the variety of decisions involved in selecting retirement plans for your employees. We work with all the top carriers to provide the greatest possible choice when weighing the costs and benefits.

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